a better way

Archangel® is an Ambient Assisted Living platform providing a better way to connect systems, assess data, respond to incidents, and evolve your service, your way.

Archangel® enables service providers with a foundation platform for transitioning to digital solutions, and integrating monitored systems including Health & Care, Social Housing, lone worker safety, security, facilities & building management, and more.

Archangel® is the ideal, flexible platform giving System Integrators and Resellers a better way to build responsive digital services around the needs of their clients. Device manufacturers, telecare service providers and ARC operators also benefit from Archangel’s ability to gather, collate and interpret data from multiple sensors and IoT devices.

the next generation of care

cloud monitoring & control

built around you

Archangel® is an open, scalable and customisable cloud platform,

delivering efficiency and visibility across a number of sectors.


Proactive and predictive care, improving digital health and telecare connectivity.


Lone worker and employee safety management in one complete cloud solution.


A total Facilities Management solution delivering command centre efficiency to optimise functionality and safety.

a better way to connect

Archangel® connects and integrates a range of equipment via open standards, industry protocols and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This interoperable cloud command centre enables you to collect all device data (analogue or digital) and associate it with individual profiles.  

Archangel® supports customers with analogue to digital migrations, connecting social alarms, mobile devices, smart apps, and IoT equipment and sensors.

a better way to assess

Through customisable dashboards relevant to your sector, Archangel® gathers all vital safety, location, activity, health and environmental data and presents it in one place.

Powerful data analytics tools coupled with machine learning and AI modelling enable you to assess individuals and assets.

Our cloud command centre helps you to plan improved outcomes in safety, proactive health & care, and to create efficiencies in environmental and building management.

a better way to respond

Archangel® contains flexible response management tools and portals. These enable efficient response to alarms using multiple alert formats, and with self managed or centrally managed response options.

Alarm response is fully audited and managed through the Archangel® incident manager with a customisable range of portals and integrated soft-phone & call recorder. 

unrivalled tools

to help you connect. assess. respond.

interoperability gateway

Seamlessly integrate analogue and digital devices, systems and third party platform data sources.

rules engine

Simple rule creation, supported by machine learning. Artificial intelligence supports assessments and response.

alarm & incident response

Secure cloud Alarm Receiving Centre solution delivering central or remote alarm and incident management.

people & asset management

Create detailed personal profiles, assign devices and manage your assets.


Dynamic insights to support improved assessments for health, safety and care.


Integrated soft-phone, call recorder and message scheduling tools to support communication and response.

delivering the next generation with our ambient assisted living platform.

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